Start Page

Right360 (.com) is a Conservative Start Page bringing the best of hand selected popular and top sites, from each category, that can be arranged, customized, and shared across multiple devices and users. Our goal is to maintain an online database of the best Conservative Start Page Search Engine results.

Conservative Start Page

This Conservative Startpage was designed to be the first page you see when you open your desktop and/or mobile browser. Many times you’ll find companies will set their Homepage to a page of their choosing. Google sets Chrome to, Microsoft sets Edge to, Firefox sets to and so on with each application/browser.

Conservative Start Page Search Engines

Now days Conservative Start Page Search Engines are difficult to find. Right360 is a start-page designed with focus on Conservative Startpage Search Engine options. We provide options to use the more conservative search engines or you may choose the more liberal results. Two of our most Conservative Startpage Search Engines to choose from are: DuckDuckGo and FreeSpoke

How to: Change Home/Start Page

Keep in mind, in many cases the term Homepage is synonymous with Startpage.

As a user, you can change the browsers default Startpage/Homepage to any page you like. However, browser companies don’t really volunteer how easy it is to change your browsers opening page. See our article How to Change Home Page/Start Page; in some cases, you can change your Start-page to a Conservative Start Page Search Engine within 10-seconds. Other changes, such as on Firefox (mobile), might take 1-2 minutes.