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How to Track Flights in Real-time with FlightAware

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FlightAware has become one of the more popular ways for travelers to keep track of their trips, check-ins, and other details. What traits do they have, and how good are they? Read on to learn more about FlightAware’s features, prices, and reviews. When you fly, you often have to do a lot of planning, booking, and arranging between check-ins, arriving, and leaving.

Even if you plan everything out, things like flight delays or cancellations can wrench your plans. When there are so many unknowns, it can be hard to plan a trip. Even for experienced and well-planned travelers, keeping up with the constantly changing air traffic situation can be hard.

With tools like FlightAware, travelers can watch their flights, making their lives easier, simpler, and better. But can you only count on FlightAware to help you keep track of your trip times? You would still have to look at the formal schedules. Let’s talk about FlightAware to find out what it can do for travelers and what it can’t.

What Is Flight Aware?

FlightAware is a global technology company that offers tools and data for tracking flights in real-time, over time, and in the future. Users can check the status of any commercial flight worldwide using FlightAware. The FlightAware website has a lot of helpful tools, in addition to information on how to watch flights. There are features like airport activity, flight, and airport maps with weather information, data about flying, and tools for planning flights.

How Does Flight Aware Work?

FlightAware uses a network of more than 20,000 ADS-B (Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast) devices on the ground. FlightAware gets up-to-date information about flights from host ground sites through this network. Multiple times per minute, the ADS-B sensors can track the locations of planes passing through this network in real-time.

Is Flight Aware Free?

Yes, both the website and the app have a free plan for people who haven’t signed up yet and for those who have. People who use FlightAware on their phones can buy small things, like getting rid of ads, through microtransactions. Corporate travel companies or companies that cater to people who travel often offer Premium, Enterprise, and Enterprise WX choices at different prices. We’ll talk about them in the next part.

Flight Aware’s Aviator and Aviator+ Contracts

FlightAware’s paid services, Aviator and Aviator+, give owners of piston engine planes more information about their flights and logs of their past flights. The Aviator plan costs USD 100 per year, while the Aviator+ plan costs USD 200 per year. If you want to know more about FlightAware’s Aviator subscription plans and how the two plans compare, click here!

How Do I Fly with Flight Aware?

FlightAware provides many useful services for free, and you don’t have to sign up. The website can be confusing because it has so much information about planes and flight tracking that it looks like a geek made it. But as a traveler, how do you use FlightAware’s tech? You’ll find that it’s not hard at all!

Let’s say you want to watch or learn about a flight in real-time. You might need to pick up your grandparents at the airport or plan a trip worldwide with several planes. There are two ways to search on the website: by flight or by route. If you know your flight’s code, you can put it under “Search by Flight.” FlightAware will give you many useful and up-to-date details about your trip.

These Things Include:

  • Name of the carrier group and the flight number or identity.
  • New information (in green) about the flight’s condition, such as when it is expected to leave, when it is expected to arrive, and more.
  • Name of the starting point: the city or place from which the flight leaves.
  • The airport that started.
  • When and what time will you leave?
  • Name of the city or other place where the plane will land.
  • The airport where you’re going.
  • Date and time when it is expected to land.

After the flight has taken off, you can track where, how long it has been flying, and how much time is left until it lands. If you don’t know the flight number, choose Flight Finder. You need to know where the flight leaves and where it ends.

You can use FlightAware to find the right flight number or identity. You can also get up to 5 Flight Tracking Notifications with the Basic Free plan. This is a useful way to get push alerts about a flight’s state.

Premium Features of Flight Aware

The Premium + plan is the best premium plan for travelers. This plan meets the needs of workers and people who fly a lot. The following is part of the Premium + subscription:

  • Unlimited Flight Tracking Alerts rather than the standard 5. You can save and track any number of planes.
  • Up to 50 airports can be saved.

Is There a Mobile App Version of Flight Aware?

Yes, a FlightAware app for tracking flights on your phone is also available. You can get it for free on Play Store and iOS platforms. There is also a version of the app that works only on Ipads. The app version has almost every feature of the website and makes it easy to track a plane from a mobile device:

  • Find out the condition of all airline trips.
  • Find out the most recent information about Gates and Terminals.
  • Check to see if your flight has been canceled or is running late.
  • Information about the weather right now.
  • Get push alerts about expected times to leave and arrive.
  • Get push alerts when times change, flights are delayed, or flights are canceled.
  • Get push alerts about changes to the gate and station.


  • Service for free!
  • Stats and tools that are useful.
  • Reliable and current information
  • Notifies you when you arrive, leave, or change your station or gate.
  • Quickly send out alerts
  • Mobile versions available


  • Expensive top plans
  • Complex user design
  • Some gadgets’ map displays are too busy.


FlightAware has been known for years as a good app for keeping track of flights. Most importantly, it’s a great, free way to track planes and ensure loved ones are safe. FlightAware always gets good user reviews; regular Flyers and flight fans love it the most.

The most important thing people like about FlightAware is its correct information. The technology beneath FlightAware is so good that some pilots and airlines also use it. The app for your phone is simple to use. The alert system works well, and you get real-time tips on your email and cell phone.

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