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How Alltrails Helps You Find Less-Traveled Trails

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Do you like to hike and do other things outside, like riding horses and mountain biking? AllTrails could be the next app you use the most. If you do a lot of outdoor activities, you know it can be hard to find the best tracks to follow that meets all your needs.

With its easy-to-use trail finder software, makes this problem a thing of the past. We love to help people plan the best adventures. The Wanderlog travel schedule makes it easy to keep track of all your future trips and gives you ideas for fun things to do while you’re away.

AllTrails, a famous and highly regarded hiking trail app, was the first one we chose to try out and review. This thorough AllTrails review will tell you how to use the app and the benefits and drawbacks of the service. This will help you decide if using this trail mapping software is worth it.

What Are Alltrails?

AllTrails Inc. was started in 2010 to “kindle the spirit of adventure” and unite people who like to explore the outdoors similarly. This is done by giving plans for almost any place for people who like to be outside walking paths. Hikers, bikers, rock climbers, horse riders, and other travelers can use these paths.

The AllTrails app and site are also very community-based, which helps meet people who like to do things outside. Users can share the paths they’ve been on, give opinions on the trails, and help out other AllTrails users. AllTrails has done very well, and Forbes, Conde Nast Traveller, The Wall Street Journal, and more have all written about it.

What Do I Do with the Alltrails App?

  • Go to or get the app on your phone.
  • You can make an account by giving your name, email address, and password.
  • Sign in to AllTrails by going to the sign-in page.
  • Look for the city, park, or hike trail you want to know more about.
  • You will get information about AllTrails walks in the area you were looking for. You can use “Curated Trails” and user-made paths on AllTrails.
  • If you need to, you can narrow these results even more by using the settings at the top of the screen. You can choose from filters like:
  • Level of difficulty
  • It’s time to finish the walk.
  • Hiker rate
  • Suitability (like if the path is good for dogs or kids)
  • Places to see close by
  • Even more!

If You Click on Trails, You Can Find Out More, Such As:

  • A brief look at the walk
  • Type of route, length, and amount of difficulty
  • A map of the hiking trail
  • Photos Reviews from other hikers
  • Other important information, like if the trail is good for dogs
  • Trails in the area that you should try

Click The Heart-shaped “favorites” Button At The Top Right Of The Trail Page To Save It For Later.

Pre-suggested Walks and Activities

You won’t be able to directly look for places; instead, you’ll be given ideas based on where you’re listed. For this AllTrails review, we used the app and found that when you make an account, a “home” area is set immediately based on where your IP address is listed. To change the address manually, go to settings and click “Change Member Location.” There, you can type in a new place.

You Can Also Choose Routes For Certain Tasks, Including:

  • Hiking
  • Mountain biking
  • Trail running
  • Backpacking
  • Riding horses
  • Camping
  • Fishing
  • Rock climbing, and much more!

You will be given suggestions for tracks in your area that are good for the exercise you want to do.

Alltrails: How to Make a Map

Click on the Map (the Page about the Trail to Make a Unique Alltrails Plan).
Then You Can:

  • Add Notes
  • Choose the kinds of things you’ll do (hiking, fishing, camping, horseback riding, etc.).
  • Add Waypoints

Once you’ve walked the trail, don’t forget to add photos to your unique map and write a review about the trail.

What Are the Benefits of Using Alltrails?

Simple Searching And Access To A Large Number Of Pre-loaded Trails

The AllTrails app or website makes it easy to look for tracks. Just type in the exact trail you want or the name of the park or place you want to find hiking routes. There are a lot of pre-loaded trails and user-made maps, so when you look, you’ll get a lot of results. You’ll also have access to many details regarding the road and reviews from real users who have been there.

Lots Of Options for Filtering

You can easily filter the choices given to get results that are exactly what you are looking for. You can choose the number of challenges, expected time to finish, user reviews, if the trail is dog-friendly, and more to ensure the paths you offer to meet all your needs. It’s also helpful to be able to choose routes for specific sports, like climbing, horseback riding, or biking. This makes the app useful for people who like outdoor adventures.

Very User-friendly

For this AllTrails examination, we used both the app and the website and found them very easy to use. It’s easy to look for tracks, use filters, and change the look of maps.

Ability to Make Custom Maps

You can change the pre-loaded trail maps even if you only have a Basic account. For example, you can make your trip unique by adding stops.

Alltrails Pro Provides Excellent Value-added Elements

Hikers can use the perks that come with being an AllTrails Pro member. Having choices like the “Lifeline” function, off-route alerts, and offline maps is very helpful when traveling in new places where there may not be internet service.


Now that we’ve discussed the app’s features, pros, and cons, let’s get to the key question: “Is AllTrails Pro worth it?” After utilizing the app for this AllTrails review, we can say that you should try out the free version. Almost anywhere you go, you will discover a variety of tracks to hike, bike, and do other things on.

AllTrails is the best way to discover new trails for checking out and getting information and reviews from real users about places you want to visit. The free version does have some problems, like the fact that you can’t read your maps when offline or publish them.

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