Change Edge Homepage to Right 360

Pre-Steps (Tip/Optional)

BLUF: Some browsers have a quick set page(s) button that allows you to simply click the button to set currently opened windows to the Homepage.
NOTE: If you’ve customized your Start Page grid, this might be a quicker option.

  1. With Browser Edge Open
  2. To be used in Step-4
    2.1 Highlight/Select: and Copy (Ctrl+C)
    2.2 Type into the browser’s address bar and press Enter.

Quick Steps

  1. With Edge Browser Open
  2. Click on the Edge Menu Icon (Hamburger/3-Bars Icon), in the upper right corner.
    NOTE: Next step (2.1) will go full screen.
    2.1 From the expanded Menu, Select Settings.
  3. Select Home and under New Windows and Tabs, Select Custom URLs (drop-down menu).
    TIP: If you did the “Pre-Steps” – Simply clicking the [button] ‘Use Current Pages’ will add all open tabs.
    TIP: If multiple pages/tabs, the “|” (pipe, w/o quotes) separates sites/tabs.
  4. Enter/Type or Paste (Ctrl+P) into the ‘Homepage and new windows’ text field and press Enter.
  5. Exit (X) the Settings page
  6. Test by clicking the Homepage icon.

Pictured Steps

  1. With the Edge Browser Open
    • Click on the Edge Hamburger Menu Icon (see below) in the upper right corner of browser window.
  1. Select “Settings” (see above).
    NOTE: Step 2 will go full screen.
  2. Select Start, home, and new tabs and under the Section ‘When Edge starts’, Select radio button ‘Open these pages’ and click [button] Add a new page.
  1. Enter the ‘Add a new page’ text field and press Add [button].
  1. Confirm Step-5 and Step-6
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