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It can be hard to find the right place to stay when you’re traveling. If you’re going to a less-known place that doesn’t have many standard places to stay, this activity will be even more difficult. Now more than ever, it’s easy to find unique places to stay worldwide that meet all your wants. VRBO is a brand of holiday rentals that makes it simple for property owners to connect with travelers looking for spots to stay.

The people who work at Wanderlodge are always excited to find the best apps for planning trips and other apps that make traveling easier. In this VRBO review, we wanted to learn more about the VRBO website for booking trip accommodations. Read on for our full review to learn how to book great vacation homes through VRBO.

What Is VRBO?

VRBO joins people who want to rent their homes for a short time to people looking for places to stay in towns worldwide. Since it started in 1995, the company has become one of the biggest rental services for vacation homes. You can find cabins, beach houses, and homes, among other interesting places to stay, on VRBO. VRBO rentals also have more features than standard hotels, like private pools, big kitchens, and open-plan living rooms.

What Is the Meaning of VRBO?

Vacation Rentals by Owner, or VRBO, is what it means. The name was chosen to show that these rentals are listed by their owners since VRBO was the first company to let owners list their rentals. Before VRBO, property owners used a property management company to list their rents. These companies often took a big cut of the rental price.

Who started/owns VRBO?

David Clouse started the brand in Colorado because he didn’t want to use a property management company to rent out his Breckenridge house. We discovered that Expedia Group owns the brand and learned more about the company for this Vrbo review. The company used to be owned by HomeAway.

Is There a VRBO App?

Both iOS and Android have apps for Vrbo. They have a different app for people who want to rent a place and for people who want to rent out their place. You can also look for homes and list renting on their website,

How to find a spot to rent using VRBO

  • You can go to or open the app for iOS or Android.
  • Look for property in the place you want to live. Or provide the Property ID of a place you want to stay, if you know it.
  • Add the times of arrival and departure, as well as the number of guests.
  • The results that meet your search terms will be shown.
  • On the page with the search results, you can add categories to show only the homes that meet all your needs. Some filters to add are:
  • Type of lodging (house, flat, condominium, etc.)
  • Pet-friendly or No-pets (Allergy-friendly)
  • Properties on the Water
  • WIFI and Internet are included.
  • Cost (total or per night)
  • Number of bedrooms
  • How many bathrooms
  • Cancellation rules (can cancel up to 30 days in advance, 14 days in advance, etc.)
  • A pool, hot tub, or parking spot are examples of amenities.
  • Ratings: For example, only those with more than four stars)
  • Neighborhood

Then you can look through the search results; a map on the right will show you where each place is. If you like a house, click on it to learn more about it. On the property page, there is information about:

  • A description of the house and the owner or host
  • Photographs of the house
  • A summary of the plan, including the number of bedrooms, baths, and other rooms like the kitchen, living room, and outdoor space.
  • Price per night and availability
  • A list of the perks
  • Guest reviews
  • Details about the house rules, extra costs, and checking in and out

If you find a place you want to book, just click the “Book Now” link on the property’s website and follow the steps. You will also see the host’s refund policy when booking.

How to Review a VRBO Property

You might ask, how do I leave a review on VRBO? When we went to the VRBO site to write this review, we established it was simple to leave feedback! After you leave the place you hired, VRBO will deliver you an email asking you to provide feedback on the place. Just click on the link and tell us what you think. You may provide a star review, rating aspects like cleaning, and a note for the host regarding the rental.

How to Cancel your VRBO Reservation

Follow These Steps to Get Out of a Reservation You Made on VRBO:

  • Sign into your account on VRBO.
  • Click on “My Trips.”
  • Choose the reservation you want to get out of.
  • Choose “Change Itinerary or Cancel Trip.”
  • Check to see if you are still within the time to cancel.
  • Choose “Cancel Booking.”

If “Cancel Booking” doesn’t show up, you must choose “Request Cancellation” and wait for a response or approval to stop. Different properties have different rules about how long you must cancel a ticket. Before booking, look at the housing page to see how long you must change your mind. Cancellations can be made anywhere from a month before the arrival date to a few days before.

How to Rent Out your Property using VRBO

  • Sign up for a account.
  • Press “List Your Property” in the proper place on the page.
  • Include the following details:
    • Property Address
    • Photos of the inside and outside of the house.
  • Rates of Rent: Not sure how much to ask for your home? VRBO will suggest places to stay based on the house’s size, location, and features!
  • Information about your bank account (so you can get money for bookings)
  • Choose the kind of land (house, condo, flat, cabin, etc.).
  • Add information about the house, like how many beds and bathrooms it has.
  • Add the exact location of the house and choose the right spot from the map that comes up.
  • Fill in more information, such as renting rules and more about the house and its features.
  • List your Property

It’s free to make an account to list your property. But when you get paid for a room, VRBO will take a cut, usually 8% of the entire booking fee. You can also show proof of who you are by uploading it, which makes people more likely to book with you.

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